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Don't be afraid to touch and use gestures. Crudo comes loaded with drag, swipe and tap gestures on iPad, iPhone and other touch devices.

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We are all about raw and rare. Our editors are proofed taste-makers. We support flashing young stars and talented folks.

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Once issue is loaded, you have all articles ready to read in your browser. Wake up, open actual issue and slide to your day job or wherever.

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Do you have any problems with the site ? Did you found some rare music ? Do you feel like 'I got to be heard' ? Are you intrested in publishing on our platform? Let us know!

Crudo is brought to you by @otcns (all things graphic design, concept consulting), @krablak (all things architecture, concept consulting), @doubleop (coding, concept consulting). As you can see our team is pretty small and we get our hands dirty every day to make it better for you - readers.

Created with passion and cutting edge technology.